Reporting incidents and making complaints

Neighbourhood Watch – The Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators for the area are – 

Thornton Hill and the three side roads: Ron Tiner 24 Thornton Hill (telephone: 213 066)

West Avenue: Monika McKenzie 3 West Avenue (telephone: 274 592)

                        Harry Temple 9 West Avenue (telephone: 250 341)

Please report any break-ins or attempted break-ins to them promptly, as well as to the Police.

Reporting blocked road gullies and holes in the road or pavement – Contact Devon County Council’s Highways Department, telephone: 0845 155 1004.

Dog warden – Exeter City Council’s dog warden can be contacted on; website:

Graffiti – The appearance of graffiti should be reported to ECC’s Graffiti Removal Unit, using the Unit’s form which can be downloaded from ECC’s website It can also be obtained by phone (665 010) or email: Graffiti on public property are removed free of charge; a charge is normally levied for those on private property.

Noise problems – This is now the responsibility of the Environmental Health Department, telephone: 265 147. The Council operates a Community Patrol scheme, part of whose duties is the control of noise. Patrollers are on duty during the evening, until midnight. While their powers are limited, they are willing to mediate over apparently insurmountable problems. The number to ring is 0845 351 1060.

Exeter University is conscious of noise problems caused by a relatively small number of its students; the University Estate Patrollers can be contacted on 263 999 The University has recently appointed a Community Liaison Officer (Rory Cunningham). He can be contacted on 264 686 email

Crime – More serious problems, such as break-ins, burglary and vandalism, should be reported to the Devon and Cornwall Police, telephone: 101 (for non-emergencies); 999 for emergencies only. When reporting the incident to the Police or Environmental Health, please ask for a log number so that the information can later be easily retrieved. The Crimestoppers contact number is: 0800 555 111. Also please let one of the Neighbourhood Watch representatives know of any break-in, burglary or vandalism (telephone numbers given above). Burglar alarm registration The area is a designated alarm notification area. This means if you have a burglar alarm you must provide ECC with contact details of your nominated key-holder whom the council can contact if your alarm sounds for a long period. The form on which to notify the council can be downloaded from