Local Services

Doctors’ surgeries – Details of doctors in Exeter are available from www.exeter-pct.nhs.uk The nearest surgery is Mount Pleasant Health Centre in Mount Pleasant Road, telephone: 255 722. Evening, overnight and weekend out-of-hours service is provided by the Devon Doctors service; telephone 08456 710 270 and you will receive telephone advice, be asked to attend the treatment centre next to Accident and Emergency at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in Barrack Road or, if you are housebound, receive a visit.

Post Office – The nearest post office is in the Co-op store on the corner of York Road and Sidwell Street. In addition to the post collection box outside the post office, there are boxes in Thornton Hill (approximately half-way down on the left-hand side), and in Powderham Crescent (off Pennsylvania Road, diagonally opposite the entrance to West Avenue).

Convenience Store – There is a Co-op convenience store at the corner of West Avenue and Pennsylvania Road. It is open Mondays to Saturdays from 6.00 am to midnight and on Sundays from 7.00 am to midnight.

Local newspaper -- If you would like to keep up with local news and events, Exeter’s newspaper, the Express & Echo, is published weekly on Thursdays.

Children’s Play Area – Thanks to the input of those who set up the Association, a children’s play area has been constructed at the top of Thornton Hill and a range of play equipment installed. The play area is very popular with local chrildren and their families.

Exeter Cricket Club – The County Cricket Ground, at the top of Thornton Hill and West Avenue, has been leased until 2014 from descendants of the Thornton West family (Thornton West’s firm built the houses in the five streets).

The chairman of the Cricket Club, Bob Price, 22 West Avenue (tel.: 437 075), is always pleased to have new members, players and non-players. Membership entitles you to use the area to watch matches and to enjoy a drink at the bar of the Cricket Club pavilion, the distinctive building from which W G Grace led the first team to open the Devon Cricket Club in 1902. The pavilion is often available for hire for special events, such as our occasional parties, our AGM, private functions and charity evenings. The Club encourages the local community to use its facilities as much as possible.

Exeter City Council and Devon County Council – Our area is in the St James ward of Exeter City Council (ECC) and the St David’s & St James ward of Devon County Council (DCC). The councillors in our wards are:

Cllr Keith Owen (ECC) telephone: 413 075; email: cllr.keith.owen@exeter.gov.uk

Cllr Kevin Mitchell (ECC) telephone: 490 565; email: cllr.kevin.mitchell@exeter.gov.uk  

CllrJill Owen (DCC) telephone:413 075 email: jill.owen@devon.gov.uk