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Ginny Lyons Catering - Thornton Hill. Visit the website

Steve Pearson Thornton Hill - Domestic Appliance Care and Repair - Visit the website   Special Discount for all TWRA residents!

Rosemary King - Thornton Hill – Bioskin Jetting & Electrolysis – Visit the website


CALL LIZ KELS – For all your Soft Furnishings, Curtains and Cleaning Requirements

07787714609, lizkells@hotmail.co.uk
Reliable, professional, charges reasonable rates and highly recommended by Sue Temple at No 9, West Avenue, 01392 250341


Talent on Your DOORSTEP

James Tatum

Clare Elsom

Dave Johnson

Ron Tiner

Ray Berger 

Ann Harris

Hazel Harvey

Colin Pill

Aylwyn Bowen

Ginny Lyons

Bee Harley

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