Fintan’s Pop-up Bakery

Open for business so place you order soon and get free delivery directly to any house in Thornton-West streets

Cinnamon buns: 75p or £3.50 for 6

Bread (White, brown or mix): £1.50

Profiteroles: £3.50 for 12

Brownies: 6 for £4

Flapjack: 6 for £4

Fougasse (Fancy Bread): £2 for 3

Chocolate & orange fridge rolls: 1 roll £2.50

Cookies: 6 for £1.20


Orders mininimum of two days in advance. Free deliveries. Thornton West area only.



Talent on Your DOORSTEP

James Tatum

Clare Elsom

Dave Johnson

Ron Tiner

Ray Berger 

Ann Harris

Hazel Harvey

Colin Pill

Aylwyn Bowen

Ginny Lyons

Bee Harley

More soon! Please contact us if you would like your profile adding to the list.