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Colin Pill, Chartered Landscape Architect, has a remarkable passion for the Arts & Crafts Movement; in particular, the Metal Work of the period. Through this interest he has learnt the craft of repousse and created his own range of 'art copper'. He has jointly produced the first major study of Newlyn copper, NEWLYN COPPER – Arts & Crafts Copper Work in Newlyn, by Daryl Bennett and Colin Pill.   Colin has also produced a second book – CORNISH ART METALWORK.  Both books are available from Amazon.

His interest, like many other, started with the better known characters of the Arts & Crafts Movement, such as William Morris and C R Ashbee, but now extends to the lesser known schools and classes that started life under the umbrella of the Home Arts and Industries Association.

You can see a wide spectum of Copper works on his website, featuring the works produced by craftsmen within a number of the ’Classes‘ who operated under the Home Arts and Crafts Association.  The main aim of the site is to expand the knowledge base by encouraging interaction with fellow enthusiasts and descendants of the metalworkers, who could help fill some of the gaps in the various stories. You will also find a range of 'Art Copper' which Colin produced in his former Bristol studio.

Colin’s  website provides an insight to the Home Arts and Industries Association and the key metalwork classes by providing brief biographies that, where possible, identify principal people, designers and craftsmen, as well as illustrating examples of work and identifying further reading.

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