Aylwyn Bowen – Designer Illustrator

Aylwyn, originally a native of Wales, moved here in 1971 to study Illustration and Graphic Design at Exeter College of Art. He has lived in Thronton Hill since 1980.

After gaining experience at a number of small commercial studios he and a colleague set up what has now became one of the leading design studios outside of London – AB Design Group  "In working for such a diverse range of clients, from family companies to BT, the NHS and numerous Plc’s,  – I believe that the responsibility of a designer is not just about creating images that look good on paper... or on screen but more importantly the understanding of the client’s objectives, clear communication and the different market places they aim to influence. Striving for concepts and solutions that work, entertain and leave a lasting impression is my definitive challenge, with no place for off-the-shelf ideas. Just like good music, the best ideas are timeless.”

Aylwyn’s creative approach embraces traditional skills as well as modern computer graphics. He works in a range of illustrative and design styles, and among his list of influeneces are Heath Robinson, Arthur Rackam, Milton Glazer and many of the great poster artists of the 40s and 50s.

After selling his share in the company in 2017 he says that his diversity of work has never been so great, with opportunity to work on more of his own projects. His post cards are currenty on sale at RAMM and you can see his posters at www.aylwyn.co.uk

Aylwyn also has a passion for playing guitar, working in wood, painting, photography and anything that involves making stuff in his workshop: “Why buy it when you can make it”!

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